The feature film “ACAB” by Dragan Majkica speaks of repressions against fans, which today are a brutal reality.
The film was created in 2013, and its action takes place in Banja Luka, and the main actor is a member of the Lesinari group, who was subsequently taken to the police station for a hearing because of the riots in the match “Borac-Zeleznar”.
Attacking Zelennitski fans is not just a fanatical conflict, but it is also based on a religious and national basis, because Lashinari is Serbian, and fans of Railwaymen (maniacs) are Muslims
The film realistically reflects the state and attitude of the state to the naval movement and the attitude of the police towards the arrested fans …

Enjoy and do not be surprised if you find yourself in the character of the main actor … | ULTRA ODJEĆA