Ultras playing football – Paolo Di Canio
Perhaps he is not the best footballer ever to play in the blue sky, but Lazio, but Paolo Di Kanio is one of the biggest pets that the Olympic tribune has ever had. Many will dare say they are much bigger than Alexander Neste, who left Rome in 2002 and went to Milan. That's exactly what the Nazis have never forgiven, and only two years later, they welcomed the icon, a great pet whore of the late 80s Paolo Di Kanio, to return to the club. Many of them were skeptical about the fate of the famous Roman club, a team that had suffered a total collapse in the past season. Only fans knew that with the arrival of the born Roman, the new era of Lazio would start, and 3000 promoters of sky blue would be gathered at the promotion of the attackers in the training camp Formello. It was a very emotional moment for everyone, after Di Canio returned to the club after 14 years. Born in a small part of Rome, Quartikolu, Paolo Di Canio has decided from Lazio since the early days. Although nobody in football was interested in anyone in his family, Di Kanio went to the sky blue games and as many claimed, the boy was already at all his 12 years of age. It was at that time that one of the most respectable fan groups in Italy, Irriducibili, was created, with which Di Kanio was building his life course. I remember that one day, a huge flag of 30×30 meters was created across the whole tribune. It was written by Irriducibili and as soon as he saw with himself he said to himself: “Paolo you have to be a member of this group” – recalls his first fan days, Paolo Di Kanio.

Not long afterwards he started playing football in the younger categories of Lazio, and in 1988 he did what all the North Olimpic wanted for him all the time. In the city derby against Rome, Paolo scored a victorious goal, and what was the subject of persuasion in the eternal city was the departure of Di Canyon to the south of Olympique, where he led the fans of Rome who traditionally occupied this part of the stadium. It was this move that marked the eternal connection between Laci's ultras and Paolo Di Kani, who has not even interrupted even the embarrassing expulsion of veterans from the club in 2006.

The commitment of Paolo Di Canni to Laciale's hard-working lair came in 2002 at the time of the biggest crisis that hit the club. The then president, Sergio Kranjoti, invested in that 200 million KM, and the dearly paid stars of the blue sky experienced the biggest blunder in history as Roma rival Roma demolished them 5: 1! The frustrated games of their pets, the fans of Lazio, insulted them by calling them mercenaries, and by spreading the banner with Di Kanio, they tried to show them what kind of dedication they wanted and to see “Compra se Di Canio” (buy us Di Cania) lazara boss Kranjoti. Although he was then a member of London's West Ham, Paolo Di Kanio cautiously patted the fans claiming they were inexperienced when they asked for the maximum of the players. You must always be ready to die for the jersey you are wearing. I've always thought this way: You can have a bad day, miss a good chance or penalty, but you should never let the fans see you do not fight and you can easily quit each duo. Maybe the fans just saw it with one of the players and they bothered them and I think they have every right to be angry – Di Kanio claimed.



The second stay in Lazio in the period from 2004 to 2006 will be remembered as one of the furthest periods in the life of Paolo Di Kani. The crucial moment occurred on 19 January 2005 in the city derby against Rome, when, after the triumph in which he scored one of three goals for Lazio, Di Kanio relieved the lacemakers with a high-raised right hand, the so- Roman greeting. Many politicians criticized him at that time calling him a fascist and claiming that he was no better than the fans of the club for which he performed, and who delighted in accepting his pet's move.
Di Canio, who before that as well as most fans of Lazio fascinated by the character and part of Benito Mussolini, reacted calmly at that time, so he simply answered all charges: – I did not do anything I should be ashamed of. I'm a fascist but I'm not a racist. I saluted the fans with the traditional Roman greeting, because this is the way someone welcomes the other and was intended only for my people who fully understand. In addition to keeping the Guardian statue of Benito Mussolini in his house, Di Kanio, like most Lacijalas, has a stamped DVX inscription on his hand, which is a duke or ducis, the title that Mussolini wore during his reign.
When, immediately after the derby, a media hunt against Di Kanyi began, all the masks were burning. The experienced striker finally saw who his true friends are, and even to this day it's not clear why the club did not stop in the defense of his player Paolo Di Kani. Apart from a few intellectuals of the Roman, mostly right-wing political orientations, they were lackeyed to support their captain, telling the new president Claudius Lotus that the problem is not only in Roman greeting, but that he is much bigger and that Lazio could fall apart because of his selfishness.




The character and work of Paolo Di Canyi is a special story. His works, no matter how unusual, always caught admiration in every man, he was the admirer of the sky blue or not. When in 2004 he moved from Charlton to Lazio, Di Canio agreed to a drastic 80% pay cut to become a member of the Roman club! Paolo is also the man who watched the night before the derby with Roma. The Brave Heart was not prepared and motivated for a sword that was a matter of life for him. None of Lazio's players has ever been so dedicated to the club and fans as Di Kanio, who wears a t-shirt on every game under the jersey, “a real samurai is returning from battle in two ways: either with an enemy head in his hands or without his shoulders.”




Many wondered if that was the reason for the hook to him, because of the gesture that was sent to all the same thinkers, because he did it in a moment, brought with joy because of the great thiamph. He raised his hand in the air to celebrate victory with 40000 people. It is 40000 souls that were identical in the fact that they were in the skin of Paolo Di Cani, who everyone claims to represent the club. Simply Roman greeting and Di Kanio, this is your Lazio. They thus greet one another and so from ancient times. Another very important piece of information is covered in his autobiography. Although in the book he sees his fascination with Mussolini, Di Kanio in some segments and criticizes the soul, arguing that he was not always right. It is precisely this that may decrease his popularity among the ultras who are mostly fascist.
Again, it would not have been much worried because it was long known to fans in the north of Olympias who Paolo Di Kanio.
Perhaps the best answer to this question was provided by his autobiograph, Gabriele Markoti. He wrote in one of his columns in the Italian newspaper: – The reason for such Di Carni's behavior among Laci's ultrasam lies in the fact that Paolo was eating from them – he is ultras who professionally plays football!