Seville and Słonsk Wrocław
chronology of the conflict

“A Kurve from Seville where are you?” This was the result of the Polish hooligans’ passage to Seville fans in Olmouc where the Spaniards played their match in the Europa League and where Spanish fans did not appear. Now we will pass the history of the bloody conflicts of the fans of these two teams.

It all started in 2013 in qualifications for the Europa league. The first match was in Spain and it was a fiasco not only for the Polish team (who lost 4: 1), but also for Polish fans whose mini bus was attacked by Seville fans armed with bars, knives, even mats, the outcome was a lot of Poles in Hospital and the Spaniards took away the prey from the four Polish flag Ave Silesia, Wielki Slask, Strzelin and Skokowa. Events in Seville were a surprise to everyone and the main actors were the guys from the Biris Norte team. the next few years of rage Polish hooligans lurk Spanja wherever they play Seville even at matches of the Spanish national team.

The first answer happened six months later in February 2014. It was in Slovenia, at the match between Maribor and Seville, where 50-60 Polish hooligans were stopped at the border, but the Poles who still arrived in Maribor attacked Sevilla fans and 5-6 Spaniards ended up at the hospital.

They took the first trophy in August of that year in Cardiff, where Seville played with Real in the Super Cup final where several Spaniards ended up at the hospital.

In May 2015, sevilla again plays the European League final this time against the Ukrainian Dnipro in Warsaw. The Spaniards got the first battles after they crossed the border and were attacked all the way. It seemed that the end of the clash came in October of the same year, the Poles attack the Spaniards in Manchester where Seville played the match of the Champions League and the biggest clash occurred in the city square.

But after 3 years the Poles started again, the team of Polish hooligans went to Budapest where Seville played the Europa League match against the local Ujpest, also with them were hooligans of the Czech Opava with which they have friendly relations and also were joined by the fans of Ferencvaros in Budapest, the Polish-Czech-Hungarian family numbered about 80 people. Sevilla's fans did not show up, and in the sector for visiting fans there were about 30 people mostly sympathizers. The Poles are being offered to the fans of the Ujpest, which the Hungarians naturally refuse.

The next round Sevilla plays with Žalgiris, the hosting has not been released. And so in the last round of European League qualifier qualification before the group stage Sevilla was to play with the Czech Sigma club from Olmouc, Spain, for many years now struggling with Polish hooligans again ignored this hosting .

There, they would be waiting for them from a team of 150 hooligans Sylvia with his brothers Hooligans Meidz Legenica and fans of the Opava. Knowing that the Spaniards will not appear again at the Andruv Stadium, the banner is “The Kurva from Seville where are you?”

The Spanish team “Biris Norte” stated on her Facebook account that she was not afraid of anyone and that she opposed the Poles in both Manchester and in Maribor and Warsaw. And the most interesting in this post was that the Spaniards were telling the Poles that it was a lot of enthusiasm and that if they wanted their flags back it's time to come to Seville and show up there. They concluded that “the current qualifying qualifications for the Europa League for them are not interesting and that they are generally on vacation”. In the end, they responded to the steam from the Czech Republic and sent a picture with the Polish flags and the slogan “We are here with your flags”, which is a finger in the Polish hooligans, and this “holiday” for some fans of Seville is probably the last.