For the weekend, another one in the series of the eternal football city derby of Athens was played between the two most successful sports clubs of Panathinaikos and Olympiacos. This is another one of the derby before, during and after which a number of incidents occurred, and the peak occurred in the 70th minute of the match when domestic fans clashed with the organs of the order. The match was soon interrupted as a large number of fans climbed into the court, the result of the interruption was 0: 1 for Olympiacos.




The decision of the Greek Football Association did not pass this derby without banning the presence of visiting fans. Panathinaikos fans were reversed by a poor result attacking the police, and in that conflict more people suffered minor injuries.

The match will probably be registered 0: 3 for the visiting team, while Panathinaikos is threatened with a scoring point.




This game was also attended by already legendary Panathinaikos football player Djibril Sisse, while Athenian Green in the stands had the support of friends from Rome and Vienna.