The vast majority of fan groups in Russia have adopted a codex to cope with numerous incidents that often result in fatal outcomes.

In order to avoid such a situation, but the power of a hooligan group came to the fore, Russian fans decided, among other things, not to be beaten while playing a national team, not attacking ordinary fans, or beatting fans who beat the ground during the fight. Russian hooligans have adopted a codex containing 13 rules. Some of them have been applied so far, but now they have been put black on white.

Russian Hooligan Code:
1.  They are only hooligans against each other. It's forbidden to attack ordinary fans.

2.  It is allowed to take cheerleading equipment in the fight, but not mobile phones, watches and similar private things.

3.  In a conflict with the police, he helps the fan, even if he was from the rival camp.

4.  If someone gives himself a fan character, they should not attack.

5.  Never be a woman hit.

6.  There is no fight while playing a national team.

7.  The team is always in charge of the team, regardless of the result.

8.  Always help your brother in the group, no matter what the problem is.

9.  Every fan must go to every hosting they can.

10. There are no mutual battles as European club competitions take place.

11.  Agreed battles can start if the number of participants is the same.

12. When someone falls on the beat, he can no longer be touched.