The history of the group “Teddy Boys '95” dates back to the mid-eighties of the last century, when several future members of the Teddy Boys began to easily follow the matches of the Warsaw Legion and travel with other fans on tours in Poland. Before the first generation of Teddy Boys, the tribune was dominated by the group “Gitowców”, which was quite extreme in terms of new “styles”, so all the rockers, punks, etc. were exterminated from the rostrum. Most members of this old group no longer follow the Legion for various reasons.

Other groups from the tribune, ie the predecessors of the Teddy Boys, the old school of Legion fans, brag a lot about their achievements because they cheered and went on tours during wars, camps, etc .; but above all to the brutal police that ruled those years, throwing the emphasis on the fact that the police are much more lenient now and that it is easier to be a fan.

The Key Nineties

During the nineties, younger fans (the future Teddy Boys) suffered a lot from torture from older fans, from the organization just as it suits them, and the theft of food and drinks for away games, etc. In the meantime, new groups were formed, mostly of younger fans, one of the most notable was “Stoperr's Gang”, which soon became famous throughout Poland and gained a reputation. They were best known for their crazy guest appearances. The future members of the Teddy Boys were members of this group, but the arrests of many members began, so the leader withdrew for objective reasons, therefore it was decided to form a new group and the “Teddy Boys 95” was formed.

Teddy Boys strengthened with a strong team from the provincial city of Legionowo (from this city a good team arrived in Zagreb), they were reinforced and with many guys who moved from the previous groups “Wild Boys” and “Stoperr's Gang”, they slowly laid their foundations to the fan scene of Poland as well as the whole of Europe, under the name Teddy Boys.

Today the situation is such that the composition of the group is constantly changing, many members of other groups move to Teddy Boys, but many good and strong teams left the group for various reasons, but mostly tragic (arrests, deaths, etc.). Every year, meeting of all Legion fans with all groups and activists is organized. Plans for the future are being agreed, and work is being done to ensure that all groups are at each other's service, but that they do not interfere directly in their decisions and their “shit”.

Interestingly, the Teddy Boys have brotherhood relationships with group “ADO” (Fans of Den Hag, Netherland.).

This fan group has been in conflict with the club management of FC Legia for years. When the club ran into financial trouble 19 years ago, the Teddy Boys 95 group protested the club leaders ’decision to raise ticket prices.

That conflict lasted until 2012, when the boss of the club left, and in his place came a rich businessman and a longtime Legia fan.

The club then raised up both financially and in terms of results, and peaceful agreement with the fans was achieved.