NEWS: Dinamo boss, Zdravko Mamić, biggest football mafia boss on Balkan, is sentenced to 6 years and 6 months in prison for stealing money from Dinamo Zagreb! But yesterday, night before sentence was told, he escaped to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Now the Accused Mamic has said that he will be staying in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the next period.

“It may be shameful, to all who in this process are guaranteed to pay for it, but I will not be silent. I lost the round, but I'll get a fight, I'm sure of that. This is my fight from my other homeland and God knows why he sent me here. I'm here for the task he has given me, he has a clear plan and I'll follow him. From here I will fight and I do not think to go back to Croatia before making a final verdict. I will use all possible rights to prove my innocence, “Mamic said