The 22-year-old Hajduk girls suporrter from Split on the Split Misdemeanor Court was sentenced to a fine for insulting the police. The fine is 1378 kuna and the defendant has to pay the money into the state budget within 30 days of the verdict's validity.

The young girl was convicted for having deliberately disrupted public order and peace in December last year, in a way that made a picture of ACAB posted on his Facebook profile, the first letters of acronyms translated mean “all caps are bastards “. She also wrote the numbers “1,3,1,2”, which is the notorious offensive numerical variation of the acronym. He published a photo featuring a black transparent label with a white letter “Hate Police”. In February, he published the status of “CopACAbana”, which is a notorious offensive variation of the acronym, in the verdict.

“Good cop, Dead cop”

He was also convicted of something later declaring a status with the contents “the police smell like a big container” and “why are you so stupid to ask you, please answer mr policeman” and set a photo on which is a policeman dressed in an official police uniform , below which he wrote “Good cop, Dead cop.”