Sporting fans will have to make good efforts to reach Astana in the first match of the 1/16 final of the Europa League

European roaming in Kazakhstan is often a nightmare for fans. This was something that the Red Star fans could have experienced this season when they visited Irtis from Pavlodar in the 2nd round of qualifications for the Europa League.

Then Delije had to cross a distance of more than 5,000 kilometers, where only a flight with a passing time lasts for about seven hours, and the road is a special adventure, and it takes at least 70 hours, not counting the restraining at the border.

Now even more interesting adventure is waiting for Ultra Sporting from Lisbon, who will play against Astana in the 1/16 finals of the Europa League. The Kazan capital will be welcomed by a team from Portugal on February 15, while the reunion will be on February 22 in Lisbon.

It will be the longest journey for a team in the history of European competitions, as the distance between the cities is 6,173 km, which means that the record is the same before Benfica and Astana, where the distance is equal.

For supporters it is even more, especially for those who do not have money for air tickets, because the way in one direction lasts 80 hours! What will be a special problem for all fans who decide on this is that at the time in northern Kazakhstan there will be a sharp winter with very low temperatures.

Many Sporting fans joked that they were closer to go to the Caribbean than visiting Astana.

This, of course, is true, as the Caribbean is closer to Lisbon for 100 kilometers. And much warmer in February than Astana.

Still some of the distance away from the 1/16 final of the Europa League:

Nice – Moscow 3,000 kilometers

Glasgow – St. Petersburg 2.066 kilometers

Copenhagen – Madrid 2.000 kilometers

Belgrade – Moscow 1.700 kilometers