Partizan and Red Star played 1-1. The first part marked a firing on the stands that lasted half an hour. There were two factions of Partizan fans, one was in critical condition.

According to the latest information, physicians have managed to save the lives of fans of Partizan, who fell into a fight at the Partizan – Red Star (1-1).
The first information was that the South Park, where Grobari, the fans of Partizan were located, came to the Red Star fans, Delije. But it turned out that two factions of Partizan fans fought for supremacy. Serious scenes started in the first half, and it lasted for half an hour until the police had established the order.

In the south board (on the south board is Partizan Ultras) comes the ‘Forbidden’ ultra group , a party of fans of Partizan who is otherwise in the East. The flag of the opposing subgroup was burned and general chaos started. He did not know who he was kidding, and the thicker end was pulled out of ‘Forbidden’, which many more fans of Partizan gathered around the sub-group ‘Alcatraz’ beaten, dropped and burned with torches. Somehow the police had pulled down half-dozers and fired fans and took them out of the stadium.